Visas for Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi authorities are very strict regarding visas, so it is very important to make sure before your trip that you have a valid visa for your entire stay.


Non-Saudi travelers who wish to enter Saudi Arabia must present a different class of visa depending on the type of activity they wish to carry out in the Kingdom:

1.- Tourist visas : they can be requested electronically or can also be obtained upon arrival at all airports in the Kingdom. If you plan to make a flight with a stopover at an airport in Saudi Arabia, you should take into account that the Saudi authorities require a tourist visa for all travelers leaving the international area of ​​the airport.

2.- Business and work visas : they must be obtained before arrival. Once obtained, travelers must go to one of the agencies authorized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in their country of residence and apply for the visa. The process can take several weeks, so it is recommended to apply well in advance.

Within 90 days of the worker’s entry into the country, the employer must process the foreigner’s residence card (iqama), as well as their work license, which is renewed every one or two years, depending on the case.

On the other hand, travelers who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia for other reasons (pilgrimage, family visit) must also apply for a visa at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Spain.

These are some of the visas that we can process for you:
To participate in the installation, repair, or maintenance of equipment that has been manufactured outside of the United States and whose sales contract includes installation.
For the provision of services carried out by highly qualified personnel.