Visas for Chile.

A visa is not required for tourist visits of up to 90 days. It should be emphasised that if a traveller wishes to exceed the 90-day limit, it is necessary to request an extension from the local authorities.

If it is your intention to live in Chile for work or study, or for purposes outlined in the Chilean legislation, the appropriate visa must be obtained from the Consulate of Chile in Spain prior to travelling.

In cases where a traveller to Chile is going for short term work assignments, the process is as follows:

The foreign company must submit a formal letter to the relevant Chilean Consulate with at least five working days’ advance notice. This should indicate the reasons for the transfer of the worker to Chile, the work to be carried out, the travel itinerary, passport number, date of entry to and exit from Chile and express indication that the affiliate company in Chile will, as soon as the worker arrives in Chile, take responsibility for processing the relevant work permit with the Department of Immigration and Foreign Nationals at the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security. The air tickets and passport of the worker should also be enclosed with the letter.

Below are some of the visas we can process on your behalf:
To enter Chile as a tourist and be able to carry out work or technical assistance in the country.
To reside in Chile for a limited period of time.