General terms and conditions of supply


The visa management service consists of advising the client conveniently to facilitate the management, including, in those cases in which it is possible, the presentation of the application on their behalf.

In each case, the scope of the service will be that which appears in the relevant offer.

The final granting of any visa is the power of the different consulates, regardless of the information and documentation presented along with the petition. For this reason, CUCALON ESTEVEZ Y ASOCIADOS SL (hereinafter VISAS) is not responsible for the final granting of the visa, being exclusively the responsibility of applying for it on behalf of the client.

In those cases in which the client has not hired documentary advice, taking direct responsibility for the quality of the requested documents and their suitability for consular procedures and that, at the time of submitting the file, it has been rejected by any type of defect in any of the aforementioned documents, VISAS will consider the file presentation service provided and, in the event that the client requests the possibility of repairing the errors and thus making a new presentation, it will have the right to request the client the payment of a new management service.


In the event that the client desists from contracting the service before completing the presentation process, VISAS will proceed to evaluate the percentage of work actually carried out and will generate a compensation bonus for the estimated amount with which the client will be able to exchange the total contract or part of new services.

The denial of a visa, for whatever reason, will not give the client any right to claim a refund of the amounts delivered as payment for the services provided, as well as the corresponding amounts advanced as payment of fees.


It is the responsibility of the client to send the necessary documentation to VISAS in the way that best considers in time and form. In the same way, it is your responsibility to collect the visa at the VISAS offices once it is ready for collection. In those cases in which the client requests the services for the collection of documentation and/or delivery of the visa, VISAS will subcontract these services with any courier, even with the one indicated by the client. It will do so on behalf of the client, not being responsible for the incidents that said messaging may generate.

It is the responsibility of VISAS to communicate the delivery times committed by the courier company.

In the development of its activity, VISAS is not responsible for the possible loss of any document or for delayed deliveries with respect to the expected deadlines, as long as the person responsible for these is the courier company, providing the client with all the data and information required. to be able to claim the damages generated by the delays.


The granting of a visa does not in any case ensure entry into the country of destination, and is subject to the examination and subsequent decision of the corresponding customs officer.


The management deadlines that appear in all the offers prepared by VISAS should be considered indicative by virtue of the fact that the consulates themselves reserve the right to vary them without prior notice and thus adapt them to the specific levels of work to which they may be subjected. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the client to purchase flight tickets prior to the granting of the visa and the consequent risk of loss thereof.

In the event that the client has travel dates that cannot be postponed in time, it is his responsibility to communicate them to VISAS and ensure that the deadlines committed in the offer are compatible with his needs.

In the same way, the client undertakes to provide the client with the necessary documentation within a reasonable period of time, which may never exceed two months from the acceptance of the budget.

After this period has elapsed without having fully received the necessary documentation to present the file, VISAS may terminate the provision of the service without the client having the right to claim any amount beyond the amount of the fees.


With the acceptance of the services offered, the client authorizes VISAS to make the aforementioned contract public, as well as to include the client company within its commercial references. In the event that the client does not wish to make the aforementioned relationship public, they must notify VISAS in a reliable manner that once said communication is received they will have 60 days to remove all references.


As many of the fees are paid in foreign currency, the final amount of euros is subject to the fluctuation of the exchange rate between these currencies. If, due to the change, the final amount paid for the fees is higher than the one that appears in the VISAS offer, you will have the right to demand the difference upon presentation of the final proof of charge thereof.


In case of withdrawal by the client, only the delivery of the technical file with all the key information related to the corresponding visa will generate a cost of 50% of the amount of the budget for the management that must be paid by the client in all cases. . If more procedures or procedures have been carried out, including part of the advice, support visits to the consulate, specific consultations for the client, etc. Business Visas will have the power to assess what percentage of the total amount of management costs should be charged regardless of whether or not the process has been completed, being able to reach 100% of these. If the client had paid the full amount of the services at the time of withdrawal, Visas Empresas will proceed to pay the corresponding part.
As long as these have not been paid, the amounts corresponding to the fees or procedures not carried out such as deliveries of documents or passport and others of this style will be returned to the client.