Visas for Angola.

Angolan visas are classified into:


-Short-stay visas (transit visa, short-stay visa, tourist visa, multiple-entry tourist visa, ordinary visa, ordinary multiple-entry visa)

-Long-term visas (work visas, residence visa, temporary stay visa, privileged visa, study visa, medical treatment visa).

Ordinary visas can be issued for a maximum period of 30 days, extendable after processing before the services of the SME (Migration and Foreigners Service) which takes some time, up to a maximum of 90 days. The tourist visa can be renewed for a similar period before the Migration and Border authorities.

The traveler must ensure that at least two pages of the passport remain blank for possible visa renewals. The fine for each day of stay that exceeds the validity of the visa must be paid in the local currency (kwanzas), in an amount equivalent to US$150 per day. In addition to this fine, anyone who violates the immigration law may be arrested.

Single entry visas are generally granted.

Illegal entry into the country may result in immediate removal or retention in the country.

Depending on all this, these are some of the visas that we can process:
To carry out any type of business activity as long as we are not going to receive any type of economic compensation from an Angolan source.
Para carry out technical activities as long as we are not going to receive any type of financial compensation from an Angolan source.