Visas for China.


With the exception of Hong Kong and Macao, whereby citizens with a Spanish passport do not need a visa for tourist journeys for either region as long as their stay is for no longer than 90 daysit is necessary to apply for a visa in order to travel to China


The current criteria for issuing the different types of visit or residence visa are as follows:

  • Foreign students who are receiving long term education can apply for the X1 Visa and members of the family of long-term students in China can apply for the S1 or 2 visas.
  • Holders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) business travel permit (except for the virtual permit) and a valid residence permit are permitted to travel to China without the need to request another visa.
  • Foreign family members, such as spouse, parents, parents of the spouse, children, spouses of children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren of the Chinese citizens and of the foreign nationals with permanent residence in China, are permitted to request a Chinese reunion visa or family visit visa.


Visa for the border territory between Hong Kong and Shenzhen:

With regard to the visa application for China in Hong Kong, it should be noted that the Commission requires randomly some applicants to submit their previous passport or, if this is their first passport, to obtain a letter from the corresponding Spanish authority confirming this fact.


General considerations:


​ • Illegal entry or stay in China can lead to detention, including deportation from the country, following payment of a fine on occasions.

  • In cases of being accommodated at a specific address, it is necessary to register with the closest Police authority within a period of 24 hours from entry into the country. If it is a rural zone, the period is 72 hours. Registration must be renewed if the permanent residence changes.
  • If a passport is lost or stolen, you will have to obtain, as well as the mandatory provisional passport, an exit visa, which is stamped on the new passport.
  • The Autonomous Region of Tibet can only be visited by travellers in a group, organised via specialist travel agencies with headquarters in China and via organised trips.
  • In order to be able to travel and work in China, it is necessary to have an adequate visa for the specific activity. It is illegal to work in China with a tourist, student or business visa. Violation of the Chinese regulations can lead to detention, imprisonment, deportation from the country or prohibition from travelling outside China. The Chinese authorities are very strict on this issue.
  • In circumstances of travelling to China for work, it is advised to verify that you have the appropriate visa by consulting the Consulate General in the geographical region where you will be living.
  • Once you have started your employment assignment in China, you must not under any circumstances hand over your passport. You must only submit this to the local authorities for administrative purposes such as possible renewal of the visa or permits.
Depending on the above, the following are some of the visas that we can process:
In order to hold business meetings in China or carry out technical assistance assignments.
It is the visa that must be applied for in order to work in China.