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International worker mobility services

Advice on the comprehensive management of visas for workers


At VISADOS EMPRESAS we are leaders in advising for the comprehensive management of visas and travel authorizations for workers who have to travel from their country of origin to carry out their work activity. From commercials and managers, through all kinds of technicians participating in any of the phases related to the installation of equipment or the provision of a service (installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance, training, etc.)


We consider:

  • Destination country.
  • Duration of stay.
  • Number of trips that are planned to be made in the year.
  • Activity to be performed.


We will advise you on the type of visa that will be necessary to process and we will take care of accompanying you throughout the process of managing it, regardless of the type of management required::


  • Physical processing by means of proxy at the local consulate.
  • Personal processing.
  • Online processing.
  • International processing.

Advice on the management of residence and work permits


Even in the case of posted workers, we may find that the internal regulations of the visited country require prior processing of a residence and/or work permit.

At VISADOS EMPRESAS we will not only inform you about this need before traveling, but we will also take care of accompanying you throughout the process of managing the relevant permit, relying on our extensive network of local collaborators.

Visas and residence permits for family members


We also advise when the worker moves out of Spain taking his entire family with him, whether they are displaced workers or directly expatriates.

We take care of the management of all the necessary permits so that the entire family moves within the maximum legal guarantees so that they can lead a fully normal life in the country of destination.

As part of the work we do with the families of displaced workers, at VISADOS EMPRESAS we are experts in managing student visas.

We have extensive experience in managing study visas in countries such as the United States (F1 and J1), Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Brazil.

Permits to hire foreign workers


We help our clients in their interest in getting workers from other countries whose skills are necessary in ours.

  • Highly qualified workers requested by large companies or SMEs.
  • Workers who come to provide a service within the framework of transnational service provision.
  • Movement of workers between companies of the same group.

We study those cases that may be susceptible to passing the barrier imposed by the NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT SITUATION, accompanying them throughout the management process.

Legalizations and apostilles of documents


Document management between countries is key in the processing of visas or work and/or residence permits abroad.

At VISADOS EMPRESAS we know perfectly well the legalization or apostille processes that allow the internationalization of Spanish documents that have to be incorporated into files that will take effect in foreign countries.

In the same way, we have a wide range of sworn translators recognized by the different organizations that we make available to our clients.


Servicios de asesoría de movilidad

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