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Visas for the United States.

Spain belongs to the VISA WAIVER PROGRAM of the United States. This allows us to travel to the US by processing an Electronic Travel Authorization, or ETA if what we want to do in the United States is tourism, or business activities such as visiting clients and/or suppliers, attending fairs or congresses, and other types of “light” business activities

Carrying out any work activity in the US, regardless of whether we are going to carry it out hired by a Spanish company, will require that we process a visa that implies the granting of a work permit.

However, there are some very specific work activities that do not require a work permit but which nevertheless should not be carried out when entering the United States with an ETA given the high risk of control and expulsion upon entry.

The selection, then, of the visa will depend on several factors such as:

  • The type of activity that we are going to carry out. Your level of expertise.
  • If we are going to be hired by an American company or we go with our contract at origin.
  • The time we want to stay in the country.

Depending on all this, these are some of the visas that we can process:

To participate in the installation, repair, or maintenance of equipment that has been manufactured outside of the United States and whose sales contract includes installation.

B1 industrial worker visa

For the provision of services carried out by highly qualified personnel.

B1 visa in lieu of H1B 

To direct or carry out highly specialized tasks in subsidiaries in the United States of Spanish companies even at the start of the activity.

E2 visa

To move highly qualified personnel from a Spanish company to its subsidiary in the United States.

L1 visa