The network of business visa associates

With the network of associates, VISAS EMPRESAS intends to create an authentic regional network of highly specialized professionals in any matter related to the international mobility of workers with whom they can serve their clients in a more face-to-face and staff.

The goal is for all our clients to have a local contact person with whom they can discuss any aspect related to our service catalogue.

These are grouped into the following categories:

  • Advice on visa management
  • Advice on the management of work and residence permits for Spaniards who move outside of Spain.
  • Advice on the management of work and residence permits for foreigners who come to work in Spain.
  • Legalizations and/or apostilles of documents
  • General advice on immigration and/or tax issues for expatriates and displaced persons.

What are the associates of COMPANY VISAS?

Each associate of VISAS EMPRESAS represents an independent Business Unit with its own legal personality, incorporated into the group but, we insist, totally independent.

The objective of an associate is to develop its business unit in such a way that it manages to maximize the benefits for which:

  • They develop their unit from a commercial point of view, looking for new clients and increasing sales.
  • They also develop them from an operational point of view, providing the services that their clients hire

What is the profile of a BUSINESS VISAS associate?

1.- Entrepreneur.

We are not looking for an employee, we are looking for a partner. When we say that you must be an entrepreneur, we mean that you have to be able to invest the amount of €36,830 at risk, assuming that no matter how much support you have from VISAS EMPRESAS, the success of the project will depend on your personal performance. Like all entrepreneurs, you must have your own initiative to manage your business unit, looking for original formulas that may be of interest to achieve business objectives.

2.- With a client portfolio.

You must have a client portfolio demonstrated through your linkedIn contacts made up of companies with an international vocation, who post their workers outside of Spain and who may need the services that VISAS EMPRESAS sells.

3.- With commercial vocation.

An associate of VISAS EMPRESAS is, above all, a commercial director accustomed to developing a commercial activity in a proactive way that is capable of putting into operation the commercial strategy of the company.

4.- With management capacity.

A VISAS EMPRESAS associate manages their own projects independently using the tools and procedures provided by the headquarters. He is in charge of generating his own service proposals, managing them, invoicing and collecting them.

In the medium term, he must be able to manage his own work team.

5.- With superior training.

Preferably with a Law Degree and knowledge of immigration, although other options will be considered.

6.- With a high level of English.

It is necessary to have a command of English at a reading and writing level and a high level of conversation.

How does a partner join the organization?

It is incorporated by acquiring 25% of the subsidiary company that VISAS EMPRESAS has created for the particular development of that business unit.

The cost of the purchase is €36,830.

What does a member of COMPANY VISAS charge and how does he do it?

A salary with a fixed part and a variable part as follows:

Fixed gross salary €25,000

Variable gross salary 15% of turnover.

In addition, you will receive 25% of the profits generated by your business unit.


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