International mobility of workers in the renewable energy sector.

Migratory and fiscal aspects.

That Spain is a technological power in the renewable energy sector is an unquestionable truth.

There are many Spanish companies involved in the development of very important investment projects in generation plants that cover almost all relevant technologies related to the production of so-called clean energy throughout the world.

The development of all these plants requires the displacement of Spanish personnel with a high level of qualification and in-depth knowledge of the technologies that need to be implemented, both from the promoters and main contractors, as well as from many of their subcontractors.

Displacing these workers with the maximum legal guarantees requires in-depth knowledge of local regulations regarding immigration, tax and Social Security.

The objective of this Webinar is to review these obligations and identify those aspects that must be dealt with in depth to ensure a regular journey, without scares or ups and downs.


  1. Presentation of Company Visas, how do we work?
  2. Working in a country that is not ours.
  3. Analysis of the main obligations from the migratory point of view.
    • Visas. What are they. Guys. How to process them.
    • Visa exemption treaties. Travel without a visa.
    • Work permits and residence permits.
  4. Analysis of the main obligations from a tax point of view.
    • Fiscal residence.
    • Treaties to avoid double taxation.
    • Obligations as a resident and as a tax non-resident.
  5. Questions and answers